I was going to post this thread the other day, but Mr. Bucks thread about salary reminded me of my depressing job search so far.

I am hoping to get a job as a talent agent, and back in December I sent out my resume and cover letters (talk about a major pain in the *** to write 50 different C.L's the first time, 90+ the second time) to a bunch of places in Florida, CA, and New York (I sent some out to smaller places in other states but I did not realistically expect to hear back)

I sent out another batch of CL's and resumes last week, and while I know it is very early I have only heard back from Disney World for an interview, but I am one of the RA's on duty for Spring Break this week so I can not leave campus. I do know someone who used to work at Disney, so I am going to see if he cant help me out. *fingers crossed*

I knew things would be rough, but I did not expect them to be this bad. I have a pretty strong resume, I am just looking for ANY entry level job, but man the job search so far has been a bit depressing. I have some great work experience working for our city Film Commission, but even that is not helping as much as I thought it would.

How have things been for you guys (and gals)?