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Thread: No regrets for Granger

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    Default No regrets for Granger

    (Mike Wells)
    BOSTON - Danny Granger said he doesn't regret signing a contract extension prior to the start of the 2008-09 season. He's headed for an early offseason for the fourth straight year after making the playoffs his rookie season.

    "Signing my extension was a no-brainer," he said after the Pacers got beat by the Boston Celtics on Friday.

    Granger was asked if he thought he needed a better supporting cast.

    "With our offense, (with) what we do, it's equal opportunity," he said. "For whatever reason, our offense hasn't been there. We got worse on defense."

    Team officials have no choice but to add better players if they expect to be decent anytime soon.


    Granger said he's appealing the one-game suspension the NBA handed down to him earlier this week for his part in an altercation in Phoenix on March 6.

    "I didn't throw a punch at anybody, I pushed," Granger said. "We've already started the appeal process."

    The suspension cost Granger about $110,338 of his $9.9 million salary this season
    Granger came to Earl Watson's defense by going after Channing Frye. Frye threw a left-handed punch at Granger.

    "I have no idea how long the appeal process will take, but we're doing it because I know I didn't throw a punch," Granger said. "I was very surprised when I was told about it."


    The Pacers suffered a minor scare when Granger injured his knee against the Celtics.

    He had it looked after the game. He said it's fine and he expects to play at Milwaukee on Sunday.

    The same can't be said about T.J. Ford. He said it's doubtful that he'll play against the Bucks after he injured his sore left groin in the first quarter Friday.

    Ford originally injured his groin in the second half of the Feb. 20 game at Houston.

    A.J. Price will get Ford's minutes if he doesn't play.

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    Default Re: No regrets for Granger

    "For whatever reason, our offense hasn't been there. We got worse on defense."
    This is the most interesting part to me. I thought statistically we got better on defense, since we're now about average, but apparently it seems like our players haven't really bought in to that.

    I would love to hear Danny's reasoning behind his claim that we got worse.

    Also, think you're Dahntay Jones and you're brought in to make the defense better, yet here's the face of the team saying they got worse.

    Or Larry Bird even. You spent the entire offseason talking about defense, yet here's Danny basically throwing all of that out the window.

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    Default Re: No regrets for Granger

    Quote Originally Posted by Kuq_e_Zi91 View Post
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    Also, think you're Dahntay Jones and you're brought in to make the defense better, yet here's the face of the team saying they got worse.
    Dahntey's not offended... he AGREES. Danny's playing his song. Go back and find Dahntay's quotes on the subject.
    This space for rent.

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    Default Re: No regrets for Granger

    The Pacers are a tiny bit better on defense if you go by Points Allowed Per Possession. They are a nightmare on offense, ranking 28th this year after being 18th last season.

    Their Per 100 numbers
    108.1 OFF last year
    101.9 OFF this year

    109.2 DEF last year
    107.2 DEF this year

    Yes, they score over 6 points per 100 possessions less this year. This isn't a case of a change in ranking because other teams got better, and this isn't a pace thing. Players can think whatever they want to about better offense or defense, but the final facts show that they are more likely to fail to score if they have the ball this season than last, by a wide margin.

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    Default Re: No regrets for Granger

    No one associated with the Pacers besides O'B would think the defense is better this year than last year or the year before. It has been a recurring theme in interviews from prominent players on the team all season long.

    The players recognize that they aren't able to compete with a lot of other team's starters defensively, and that opponents rarely have to play more than two decent, not great, quarters of basketball to coast to victory, leaving our "defense" playing against lesser effort or second and 3rd string players far more than most teams do. I would also bet that they don't even worry about things like team defensive rankings or Opp eFG% or anything like that under the current system because those stats are so skewed as to be laughable when it comes to measuring how intangibles like the effort level of opposing players effect the on court reality. For stats / metrics guys, and I know there are quite a few of you here, sorry, but stats, and especially defensive stats IMO, are only truly effective for knowing what goes on in games without actually seeing games (which none of us can possibly claim to have seen every NBA game, or even half of them realistically that has been played by every team in the league this season) if we assume that all games are played from start to finish at a high effort level by both teams involved in every game. Plainly, that is not the case for a multitude of reasons.

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    Default Re: No regrets for Granger

    Foster had the best plus-minus last year on the team....and he didn't accomplish that with offense. He's probably the only above average interior defender on the team.

    Meanwhile, the combination of Roy and Troy will continue to help in June...

    Edit: BTW, our defense may be better nonetheless, but I would not be so sure about that. When teams are thumping the Pacers, they don't need to have their starters in as they effectively score less...and score less efficiently.

    Bottom line: we are terrible.
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