So the Draft Lottery Gods look kindly upon us and we land a top 2 or 3 pick, and we do end up drafting Evan Turner. Turner is 6'7", 210 pounds (likely to add a little weight leading up to the draft camps). His natural position seems to be more of a SG/SF. I think we're set at SG with Rush, if for no reason other than his defense. If he can chip in 10-15 points a night, then we're really set at the position.

Then we have Turner, this uber-talented kid who is being compared to Brandon Roy, who would most likely fit into the role of a do-it-all SF. Here's the big question...

Do we look at possibly trading Danny for an all-star caliber PF, ala the Granger-for-Al Jefferson deal?

I realize it would be a bit of a risky move since we don't know for sure how Turner is going to produce in the NBA. But if he turns out to be the player that most professionals think he will be, he will likely at least match Danny's production level, and possibly eclipse it. Danny seems to have settled into this mindset that he has to have the ball in his hands in order to be productive. Problem is, he's not really a playmaker.

Turner seems to be just that. Seems like the kid can pretty much do it all with relative ease. I'd say it's something that's at least worth discussing.