So the gears are still turning on the supposed deal that almost happened at the deadline with Charlotte. Im not open to giving up Rush in the I wonder if Chalrotte would be open to this....

Indiana Gets:

1. Augustin
2. Henderson
3. Diop
4. 2010 1st rounder (12-16ish)
5. Earlier of their 2 2nd rounders (late 30s-early40s)

Charlotte Gets:

1. Ford/Murph/Dun (whichever expiring deal they prefer)
2. Our 1st rounder (top 2 protected, prob in the 4-8 range)
3. Our later 2nd rounder (50's)
4. Solo Jones

I think we are crazy not to do this. We can prob still get what we need in front court help at this spot, while also shoring up our back court for the future. We take on Diops deal which sucks, but is a necesarry evil to make this happen. We could likely parlay our 2 early-mid 2nd rounders into another 1st round pick as well.

All depends on if Charlotte really wants Ford or an expiring, and if they have a target thats out of their reach in the draft that they value over Augustin & Henderson, whom they dont seem to think much of.