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Thread: "World Wide Wes" to become agent for coaches

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    Default "World Wide Wes" to become agent for coaches

    Seth Davis posted this story on Friday night. I did not see it mentioned here, so I thought I would post a link to the story since there was a fairly lengthy discussion on "World Wide Wes" a few months ago.

    It looks like he is joining CAA in June as a sports agent for coaches. Davis speculated on his Twitter account that this has the potential of teams looking to land "friends" of Wes *cough* Lebron *cough* to possibly hire coaches that are clients of Wes.

    Anyhow, just thought it was interesting that he is actually taking an official role, now.

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    Default Re: "World Wide Wes" to become agent for coaches


    Now coaches and players both will answer to the same power brokers behind the scenes financially from college through the end of their careers as coaches if they make it that far.

    If Stern is serious about having a league that is relatively clean, he will put a stop to this. My guess is that nothing will happen, though, because there likely will be too much in it for him as well.

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