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Thread: Look at the bright side

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    Default Look at the bright side

    With the sun finally shining in central Indiana I thought it might be nice to discuss some of the positives in an otherwise dreadful season.

    1. We've seen some pretty good development from some of our young pieces. It looks like we might have something in Roy and I am much more optimistic about him than I was at this time last year. He's bigger and a little bit quicker, plus for the most part he's doing a better job staying out of foul trouble. I know good ol' McBob has a wide range of opinions about him on here, but if you look at him as a guy you aquired as a throw-in in a trade that is signed for pretty close to as little as you can pay a player of his experience I think the hustle plays and a few highlight dunks we've gotten from him lately is a pretty good reason to smile. While Rush isn't averaging 15-20 a game I've been pretty impressed with the one on one defense he played against Kobe and Roy on this road trip and I'm hoping he will soon find his niche on this team as a guy who keeps his man in front of him on D, rebounds well for his position, and hits open shots when he's got them.

    2. We are FINALLY in position to get a high draft pick. In my ten plus years of watching this team we have never been looking at this high of a pick, unless you count when we traded AD for Bender's pick. I know the flipside of this is you only get a high pick when your record stinks, but all of the good teams in the league are built around high draft picks so we've gotta start somewhere right?

    3. The horrible contracts on the team will at long last be one year deals making them tradeable pieces. We've needed to get out of most of these deals pretty much since we've had them and it looks more possible than ever now, so the end of grossely overpaid role players may be near.

    4. There hasn't been a ton of negative press surrounding the team. Our players haven't "shot up the club" or publicaly demanded a trade. I realize this normally wouldn't something to be optimistic about, but it is more than we've had in the past.

    Just a little something to help ease the pain of a 20-42 record.

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    Default Re: Look at the bright side

    I agree with everything you said. The future looks bright especially if we can catch a break and land Wall or Turner.
    However, Ive looked at our remaining schedule and I'm worried that we are going to screw up the high draft pick situation. We are currently sitting with the 4th worst record but 5 teams are within 2.5 games of us...
    Those teams are Detroit, Sacramento, New York, Washington and Philadelphia.
    As much as I'd like to think that we will stay where we are it seems very unlikely. We have 12 home games and 8 road games remaining.
    At home I think we will win 6 of those games. Against the Sixers, Kings, Wizards, Knicks, Nets, and Bobcats.
    On the road I only see us winning twice against the Pistons and the Wizards.
    That makes for 8 wins the rest of the year so we'd finish at 28-54.
    I think that Detroit, NY, and Washington would probably end up with worst records than us so we'd end up in the 7th spot. According to the ESPN mock lottery thing that only gives us a 4.3% chance at the top pick...
    Wherever we end up, lets hope the ping pong balls bounce in our favor!

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    Default Re: Look at the bright side

    I'm just happy that Danny hasn't took time off yet to work on his rap album.
    "I keep wondering the same thing. Last week they had the 4th worst record in the league, had an 11.9 percent chance of winning the lottery and were in line to land a franchise type player like Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins. This week? They have a 1.7 percent chance of winning the lottery, have the 8th worst record and are in line to draft Cole Aldrich or Greg Monroe. Way to go Jim O'Brien. Rest Danny Granger the rest of the season (if it isn't too late) and give Josh McRoberts lots of minutes. That ought to do it." - Chad Ford on winning meaningless games

    Way to go Jim, you may have just put our franchise back another 4+ years.

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