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Thread: Summer 2011

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    Default Re: Summer 2011

    I know some people are unhappy that nothing was done before the deadline, and that probably even more are dismayed that the FA class for 2011 is questionable at best, but I still think the Pacers go into next season in a position of great strength (not on court obviously).

    There is a chance to go into next season with a top 5 draft pick (hopefully top 2 if the balls fall our way) and a raft of sizeable expiring contracts that should be able to be used to net more quality draft picks and/or quality players that other clubs are willing to give up to save money. Obviously the owners will want to lower the overall payroll quite a bit, but the pacers can still strike gold.

    Screw the FA class, let other teams waste their money on 2nd and 3rd rate "stars" while the Pacers rebuild through the draft and trades, and fill the roster out with some astute inexpensive signings.

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    Default Re: Summer 2011

    I posted this in another thread I knew way dieing, so my fault for waisting my time there, but I see this being relavent here:
    In 2011:

    -The new CBA will be in place, & will likely be one that has shorter contracts w/ lower dollars, and likely less guarentees. These contracts will help every team avoid the Choshere/Tinsley/Artest situations that this team had had to suffer thru in the past. This CBA should help insure that an NBA team can survive and be successful in ANY market, but just the larger markets, helping the Pacers long term future of staying. (That, & there will be a lease "adjustment made for Conceco by then)

    -Murph, Dun, Foster, Ford, Solo, Tin's buy-out all are off the books. I could possibly see Foster &/or Dun offered smaller, shorter deals, but chances are they will be gone w/ the others. I pray for a top-2 pick t/y. Both Wall or Turner would gook great in Bulu & Gold!!! (After that I think there is a group of Cousins, Favors, Amimu, Johnson, Whiteside, Davis) Somehow, I think we end up w/ 2 first rd picks t/w. I see teams wanting to shed their cap holds for future picks, or a team wanting to fill a need + add an expiring in the form of Murph or Ford. I could also see a deal like the LA Clips, where we move 1 lg expiring for several smaller ones, in an attempt to fill a roster w/o "adding" payroll.

    -I think there is also the possibility of 1 very good (All-Star/ former All-Star) player will become available to us near the deadline n/y. Not sure if we make a deal, but I think it's likely. I also think there is a possibility of interest in bringing home a Conely/Oden combo for '11-'12. Neither will be max guys, & I think it sets up hight for to local interest - & two talented kids return home. Greg & Roy would both benifit from less min's & could be a huge force together, & Mike is a solid player & person, & is still very young & is growing & getting better. He would be a strong partner to ant PG combo.

    -I think JO'B is here thru n/y, but not for '11-'12 season (if there is one). I think we will know the name of this coach, but they are not a high dollar guy. I think the guy will have Bird ties (or have played w/ or against him), maybe Pacer ties, but will have previous experience & have had some success at his level of coaching. I think we will keep an up-tempo style but will be far less relient on the 3.

    -I think Larry is here is here for another 3-5 yrs, depending of his enjoyment of "HIS" team, the NBA landscape (CBA, ownership in IN), & his health. I also think maybe Larry might have interest in being a buyer of this team should it ever leave the Simon family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
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    Screw the FA class, let other teams waste their money on 2nd and 3rd rate "stars" while the Pacers rebuild through the draft and trades, and fill the roster out with some astute inexpensive signings.
    I agree that the more likely scenario is that we trade for a all star rather than over pay for one in the FA's.
    Wishful thinking but Derron Williams would be nice and he isn't too happy with the Jazz right now.
    After the Utah Jazz traded his good friend Ronnie Brewer, Deron Williams seemed to hint that his exit from the franchise could be sooner rather than later. Speaking with reporters the day after the Jazz sent Brewer to Memphis for a protected first-round draft pick, Williams expressed frustration with the trade and hinted that he was ready to leave as well: "That's why I signed a three-year deal."
    The Salt Lake Tribune

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    Default Re: Summer 2011

    So next year is our opening day lineup going to be

    pg: Price
    sg: Rush
    sf: Granger
    PF: Hans
    C: hibbert

    or is Murphy going to be at PF I am just nto sure yet which way I am leaning part of me thinks he is getting moved in the offseason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by graphic-er View Post
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    Do you honestly think Parker will be a FA? He will sign an extension. Dude is only 28-29 in 2011, likes playing for the Spurs and Popovich. I don't see him entering the FA market. The only reason he would is money, because there will only be like 3 legit FA PGs in 2011. Conley, Mo williams, and Parker.
    You do realize that Duncan's contract will be up the same year, and at 35 might be looking at retirement? The spurs have to rebuild sometime, and going young with George Hill will make more sense than keeping Parker around and treading water. Their title window has pretty much closed already.
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    Default Re: Summer 2011

    The only player, of value, that I see Indiana having a chance at would be David West.

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    Default Re: Summer 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by Speed View Post
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    Does solid vets mean Murphy, Dunleavy, TJ Ford?
    IMHO....yes, I think that we will trade one of them with BRush for one of our future Starters.

    What someone needs to do is compile the list of Players with Contracts that last beyond the 2010-2011 Season. These will be the Players that we will be dealing for......
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