Jon Brockman
Jason Thompson
Dante Greene
Andres Nocioni
Beno Udrih

Troy Murphy
Jeff Foster
Whatever prospect
__________________________________________________ ___

You can think of it this way. We get 3 young guys, one of them with star potential (Maybe). We basically put Foster and Murphy's contracts on hold for one more year with Andres and Beno. Only Beno is good at offense, and Andres is okay at both. They get their beloved salary dump along with a prospect and we get two prospects with Jason. Obviously we'd have a roster overhaul, and we'd have to do some moves to get some people out of here.

Or you can think of it this way; we get two bad contracts. Oh god, I hate bad contracts.

Or; we get two bad contracts with some good prospects, and we get two more expiring contracts next year.

I'm kind of meh with the deal myself with taking on additional salary but it would be extremely hard to say no. So i'd say yes.