Darren Collison
Emeka Okafor

Mike Dunleavy
S&T Earl Watson


This may sound so one sided at first sight that you may have just gotten sick. But, Mike is an expiring contract, and Emeka has one of the longest contracts in the league. He is still young with room to grow, and in order for them to shed Emeka's contract, they need to give us Mr. Collison to make us want to do it. We then S&T Watson to have him backup CP3 (Or we can send some filler over there or whatever instead of Watson.)

I want Darren because he reminds me of young, good Jamaal Tinsley. And I love watching him play. And if you think that there is a 0% chance of him being traded, I'd be open to trading for Marcus Thornton and a 2nd instead of Collison.