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Thread: We have three new owners!!

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    Default Re: We have three new owners!!

    Denton (DisplacedKnick/Rimfire) and New Castle (Hicks) swapped teams. In hindsight it wasn't as lopsided as it appeared. Denton wanted to start over and build a new team and Hicks wanted to win. LA and I and a few others didn't like the idea but Denton ended up in the playoffs this year and both their teams are getting broken up anyway now.

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    Default Re: We have three new owners!!

    That seems like a Long time ago as I can't even really remember, regardless of who had that team it's fricken Crazy Strong, having it disolved will do wonders for the future of this league as if stayed the same I could see a five-seven year span of domination...

    Nxt year will be one of the best I think, new energy, new teams and everyone chasing me... Mwahahahah....
    Ya Think Ya Used Enough Dynamite there Butch...

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    Default Re: We have three new owners!!

    I also look forward to a strong year next year. I am looking at a quick rebuilding process. . . .
    Thats one thing where I wish they would have handled better was the situation with Roy, West said. Ill be honest with you, that bothered me a little bit, and I told Roy that. Im the type of guy who feels like were all in this fight together and Im not designed in that way to put it all on one guy. That did rub me the wrong way. That threw me off. I started reading some of that stuff, I started thinking, Whoaa. I just didnt feel good about that. I told Roy that it bothered me, that hes still my teammate"

    David West on leaving the Pacers

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