Why it should happen:

Indiana gets rid of two future expirings (Murphy and Ford) and continues the youth movement with Martin and Thompson all while picking up an expiring in Ilgauskas.

Sacramento gets rid of Martin to further develop Evans, picks up two talented and young players in Hickson and Rush, and gets a huge expiring in Ray Allen, eliminating a lot of future salary.

Cleveland gets Murphy in exchange for Ilgauskas and Hickson.

Boston gets legit backup to Rondo for only the cost of his next year's salary and an expiring in exchange for a frequently injured Ray Allen whom they may or may not be looking to trade.

Why it doesn't:

Despite unloading two large contracts for 2010-2011, Indiana may not wish to part with young talent in Brandon Rush and/or think that Martin's value matches his cost.

Sacramento may not want to give up talent like Martin and Thompson for Hickson and Rush.

Cleveland seems to have already agreed to give up Ilgauskas and Hickson for Murphy.

Boston may have plans for Allen in 2009-2010 and/or aren't looking to extend salary into 2010-2011 with Ford.