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Thread: Salmons to Bucks.

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    Default Salmons to Bucks.
    Salmons to Milwaukee.

    I know it couldn't have happened but I would have loved to have Salmons.
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    Default Re: Salmons to Bucks.

    I'm not at all interested in Salmons. I'm a bit baffled by what seems to be an inaptness to make anything slightly "good" happen for our franchise.

    Truth be told... all we hear is rumours and hearsay. OTOH there's a lot of rumours with a lot of the same tone in it when it comes to the Pacers the past few years. A tone of overasking. Which is good, but also a tone of inflexibility and I just hope that's not the case and the deals were really that bad that we just couldn't accept them.


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    Default Re: Salmons to Bucks.

    Salmons is a very good offensive player, who is a bit streaky, who is at times a walking sieve defensively, imo. No thank you, we have enough disinterested/bad defenders, thank you.

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