Simmy (Columbus, OH)
Assume the Cavs can't get Amare, what's the best backup trade between, Jamison, Maggette, Troy Murphy? Which is the most likely to happen?

Chad Ford (1:16 PM)
I think they would rank it 1. Jamison 2. Murphy 3. Maggette However, it's still unclear whether Jamison is available. And I can't understand why the Cavs would be interested in Maggette unless LeBron is telling them he's leaving and they are trying to replace him. That's not a good fit. So I'd probably go with Murphy. He's the stretch four they're looking for, has only one more year left on his contract and I do think the Pacers would take a package of Z and Hickson for him.

Kenny (Bourbon street, nola)
Chad, I'm dedicated to your chat. I'm writing in a question with my awful service here at mardi gras. What I want to know is: what's the latest on the pacers??? Any new Murphy info? Any possible smaller trades in the works?? Thanks, you're the best.

Chad Ford (1:19 PM)
Pacers waiting right now. Cavs, Bucks and Kings all have interest. All three can offer cap relief. I think it comes down to who will give up the best asset -- either a first round pick or a young player. Cavs have Hickson or a very late first round pick. Bucks have Ilyasova or a late lottery to mid first round pick. Kings could offer Donte Greene.

dave (indy)
Is there a chance the Pacers send Earl Watson to the Lakers for basicly nothing?
Chad Ford (1:52 PM)