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    Cool My dream...

    1) Trade Murphy to the Kings for Kevin Martin.

    This gives us an All-Star caliber SG. Granted, his health and contract are a bit of a concern, but KMart is probably better than anyone we'll be able to acquire in free agency.

    2) Draft Derrick Favors.

    Of course, this assumes we get a very high pick, but at this point a Top 5 looks very possible, so this is very much within the realm of possibily. Derrick would give us a very good PF, possibly star-quality, to grow alongside Roy.

    3) Trade Ford, Rush, and 2011 #1 pick (top 10 protected) to the Nets for Devin Harris.

    Assuming NJ lands the #1 spot and John Wall, this is not as much of a long-shot as people think it is. This would allow the Nets to get out from under Harris' contract while netting a temporary replacement at PG that is also an expiring contract, along with what could possibly be a lottery pick the following season, and a young SG in Rush, speeding up NJ's rebuilding effort.

    4) Sign Brad Miller to the vet minimum.

    The Pacers bring back a fan favorite and help fill a roster spot at a reasonable price.

    That would leave us with a rotation of:

    C - Hibbert/Miller
    PF - Favors/Hansbrough
    SF - Granger/Dunleavy
    SG - Martin/Jones
    PG - Harris/Price

    Viola. Rebuilt.

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