This is something a friend and I thought up today. Multiple things have to happen, BUT it's possible.

We make the deal happen and trade Murphy to CLE for Big Z's expiring contract and either Hickson or draft pick.

We find a partner that is willing to take on Dunleavy and Ford before the deadline, preferably for another over payed expiring.

We finish as one of the three worst this season and at worst, end up with a 17.6 percent chance at the no. 1 pick in the lottery. (we are 5th worst currently)

We win the John Wall lottery.

With Murphy's, Ford's, and Dunleavy's $ off our books, we'd have a great chunk to play with this summer. If you were one of the big free agents not named LeBron or DWade, would you be interested in being the catalyst of young team and playing alongside Granger and Wall? Maybe Bosh, Amare, or Joe Johnson?