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Thread: Rockets/Wiz/Knicks possible trade rumor

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    Default Rockets/Wiz/Knicks possible trade rumor

    The Houston Rockets are in the discussion stages of a complicated, three-team trade that would send Tracy McGrady to the New York Knicks, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

    The centerpieces of the trade would include the Washington Wizards shipping forward Caron Butler and center Brendan Haywood to the Rockets.

    The Knicks would send the expiring contract of Al Harrington to the Wizards.

    In order for the deal to work, additional pieces would have to be added.
    IF this is true and Al does go to Washington is there a need for Jamison? Maybe setting up to do a deal with Cleveland..?????

    I'm bored....... someone trade SOMEONE!!!!!!:mad:
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    Default Re: Rockets/Wiz/Knicks possible trade rumor

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