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Thread: What if: The Pacers aquired Andre Iguodola

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    Default What if: The Pacers aquired Andre Iguodola

    We need something to alter the course of this franchise, we will not be major players in free agency in 2011 and are chances of significantly rebuilding through the draft at a perpetual 10 - 13 spot are slim.


    First, 50 - 32. I have been an A.I. (Andre Iguodala) fan for quite sometime. I personally think the Pacers should make a move for A.I.. Andre Iguodala has the ability to attack the basket and play defense. I think he and Danny Granger would create an inside outside match-up nightmare. Imagine having this line up:


    01 - A.J. Price
    02 - Andre Iguodola*
    03 - Danny Granger
    04 - DeMarcus Cousins** / Greg Monroe**
    05 - Roy Hibbert


    06 - Tyler Hansbrough
    07 - Earl Watson***
    08 - Samuel Dalembert
    09 - Brandon Rush (I left him out early, apologies).
    10 - Mike Dunleavy
    11 - Jeff Foster
    12 - Mike Dunleavy
    13 - Josh McRoberts/Solmon Jones

    * Trade
    ** Draft
    *** Re-signed (Un-restricted free agent)


    A three way deal involving Cleveland and Philadelphia. The Pacers would send Murphy and Deiner to the Cavilers and receive Ilgauskas. The Pacers would trade the expriring contracts of Ilgauskas and T.J. Ford and the defensive savy D. Jones for Iguodolla and Dalembert.


    Because everybody wins. The Cavilers would get Murphy for less, and the 76ers would allow Ilgauskas and Ford's contracts to expire, giving them 20.0 million dollars in cap relief. The addition of Dahntay Jones would give them a solid player for 4 years with a very minimal contract. This would allow the 76ers to pursue Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh in addition to other free agents.

    Meanwhile, the Pacers would be on track for real cap relief in 2011 when Dunleavy and Dalembert's contracts expire.


    Because we aren't that lucky (Not since Artest-Miller-Mercer-Ollie for Rose-Best). Second, this deal is talent-pricey for Philadelphia and completely hinges on the 76ers potential desire to play a major role in the free agent market. It also makes the Pacers 10 million dollars heavier for 1 year, and while it would be worth it in my opinion - there is only so much money the Pacers can afford to spend.
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