CHA gets:

DeShawn Stevenson 2 yr, 8,035,715
TJ Ford 2 yr, 17,000,000
Dominic McGuire 1 yr, 825,497
----Year One In 13,209,426 Total In 25,861,212

IND gets:

DJ Augustin 3 yr, 8,124,550
Mike James 1 yr, 6,466,600
Javaris Crittendon 1 yr, 1,477,920
----Year One In 10,292,200 Total In 16,069,070

WAS gets:

Nazr Mohammed 2 yr, 13,350,400
Acie Law 1 yr, 2,216,160
----Year One In 8,682,760 Total In 15,566,560

Charlotte gets a couple of savvy veterans in Ford and Stevenson who would fit in well with what Larry Brown likes. Ford would backup a cheaper Felton, who they own Bird rights for and would be able to retain. They take on an extra 2.3M this year and only another 2-3M total for this deal. They get two cheap pieces to make a playoff push this year.

Washington gets a bunch of cap relief this year. They save 3.6M this year which doubles because of the LT. They also save about 2-3M over the course of this deal, but their biggest key is taking money off of this year's cap number, so they can at least get close enough to make another trade to get under the tax threshold.

Indiana gets a young player in DJ Augustin and a couple of expiring contracts for probably the best player in the whole deal in TJ. The other players are mostly just shuffling of contracts. We may have to compensate Washington with a second rounder or cash. This rectifies our 2011 cap number situation and gets us a young player who is very much out of favor on his current team. The competition between Price and Augustin will hopefully provide us our PG rotation of the future.