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Thread: My friend is the "real-life" Peter Griffin ..lolz

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    Talking My friend is the "real-life" Peter Griffin ..lolz


    So ya, I have always teased one of my buddys that he looked just like Peter Griffin off the cartoon Family Guy ..

    I was bored looking thru google images for some family guy stuff and I found a pic of Peter being mimmicked as "Che Gueverra" , and I just so happened to have a pic of my friend with almost the same headshot .. So I messed around in paint and made this side by side comparison ...

    The resemblance in this pic is so uncanny , I would BET that Seth McFarland (creator of F.G.) would probably hire my friend to play Peter if there ever were a live-action F.G. movie..

    I got a kick out of it , and figured if any of ya'll were Family Guy fans, you would get a good laugh too...

    Enjoy ..
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