Pacers trade Troy Murphy

Thunder trade Nenad Krstic, Matt Harpring, Phoenix's 2010 1st round pick

The Thunder could use Murphy at center to help them reach the playoffs. He'll be an upgrade rebounding the ball, and can space the floor for Westbrook and Durant. Really don't have a better center option on the team. Plus Murphy would only have a year left if things don't work out

Krstic will give the Pacers another serviceable big while allowing Hibbert and Hansbrough to grow. Krstic does have a player option next year, but it's a reasonable 5 mil giving you're shedding Murphy's 11 mil

Harpring is a 6 mil or so insurance expiring due to injury and would come off the books.

The Suns first would be late in the first round most likely, but it is unprotected. Right now it's around #22, but it's still possible Phoenix could falter some as well and that draft pick could improve.

The Thunder of course still have their own 1st round pick as well

I guess Maynor could be an option instead of a 1st rounder, but I don't believe he can be traded for awhile?