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    Default Targeting Z and... Gerald Henderson

    This whole trade idea is predicated on what Chad Ford says Murph is worth. If he's right, this probably works. If not, it won't.

    Indy gives: Troy, Diener
    Indy gets: Z, Henderson

    Cleveland gives: Z, Hickson, #29-ish pick
    Cleveland gets: Troy, S.Graham

    Charlotte gives: Henderson, Graham
    Charlotte gets: Diener, Hickson, #29-ish pick

    Obviously this trade is unbelievably good for us, but it might not be as far-fetched as you'd originally think for the other teams.

    Cleveland's the obvious sticking point to me, but Chad Ford is saying they'll have to offer more than Z+Hickson, especially if we're going to send Z back to them. From Charlotte's perspective, this looks pretty good. Get a legit prospect at the 4 and give up the (from Larry's perspective) botched draft pick. They also get an extra (although late) pick from Cleveland.

    This space for rent.

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