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Thread: If trading Granger-

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    Default If trading Granger-

    If Pacers are moving Granger(which i am against) this is what I feel could be a good way to start rebuilding for next year.

    Pacers send Dunleavey,Ford,Diener, and Granger
    Houston sends T-Mac, Cook, Laundry and 2010 1st

    2nd deal is

    Pacers send Murphy, 2010 2nd round (dallas pick)
    Cleveland sends Z-Man 2010 1st pick

    this gives Pacers 3 1st round picks with maybe a HIGH lottery pick (plus a high 2nd round) that can be used or moved for future picks.
    they also will have 30 mil. to get into this years big free agent pool and if T-mac shows he still has it you can still resign him at a very good contract around 5 mil. Now this is just my opion-but makes since to me.

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    Default Re: If trading Granger-

    I'd love these trades, but not sure the other teams would be as into it.

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    Default Re: If trading Granger-

    I am pretty sure that you could get more for Danny
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    Default Re: If trading Granger-

    You should be able to do much better than that if trading Granger.

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