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Thread: The Exodus has Begun...

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    I understand the STHers being upset and frustrated with promtions, and rightfully so. I agree with the upgrade offer tonight, and it should be offered that way regardless, but I also want you all to remember that the Facebook/cheap seat promotions happen a hand full of times a season. You guys get tickets to 41 games while us non STHers get about 5 tops.

    If that is the case, I agree you guys should get upgrades, or first dibs, but don't be discouraged that some of the less fortunate get the opportunity to take in a couple games in decent seats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the jaddler View Post
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    yes i know.....i was at work too....but im trying to talk some STH out of there tickets for the night of the colts playoff game....if the pacers dont move there game maybe we could go.....just maybe.....
    You don't have to talk me out of them. Seriously. If the game doesn't fit my Colt's viewing schedule that day they are yours...I can't make money off of them so I won't sell them.

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