You come to expect the worst with this team. A lack of chemistry, injuries, its all become the same scene for us Pacers fans. We can sit here and dream of scenarios in which the team gets fixed, but the chances are very slim. The really only logical conclusion to an ever changing league is to rebuild, which is a hard concept to accept considering we've been technically rebuilding for several years now.

Something along the way has fallen of course, and well, completely failed.

A team is a team for a reason, 5 players play as a unit and each player presents a unique talent that contributes to an overall agenda to score and limit the opposing team from scoring. Different teams have different talents, some score the ball more than others, some defend more than others. The idea is to end the game with more points than the other team, which is something we're not use to seeing.

When we beat a bad team, we often feel good about the win, look at the positives and try to analyze why we won and how to keep it going. Problem is, when you beat a bad team, you're flaws aren't exactly shining and the opposing team makes you look good. That is why Conseco Fieldhouse is a favorable destination if you're an NBA player on any other team.

Basically, I have a theory that could lead to a brighter future. Danny is hurt, and the best thing for the team, and him, is for him to remain on the bench. We're not going to win anything this year, and ultimately its the attitude of Larry Bird that hurts us the most, when we play hard down the stretch. Take a chance that a high lottery pick could turn our team around.

Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy CANNOT be traded. We can fantasize about it all we want to, but no one wants to touch them. I'm sure Golden State laughed their heads off when we took them on. Of course Golden State still sucks so I'm sure they're not doing to much laughing. Murphy will be traded if he proves he can stay healthy and produce, but thats a long shot hypothetical scenario.

That leaves Jeff Foster and T.J. Ford. Foster makes way to much, and truth be told, he has value to a championship contending team with contracts to match, not looking to rebuild, willing to part with a 2nd round pick and baggage. Foster's allure could come from Portland or San Antonio. Portland could very well be interested with their big man crisis, something that needs to be exploited. Problem is, they don't exactly have contracts matching Foster's, and it'd come down to whether they'd feel comfortable dealing Steve Blake AND a 2nd round pick. It could free up Bayless who has been producing as of late.

T.J. is even harder to move. Figuring on many different levels, the lack of production, lingering health concerns, T.J. is slightely less than impossible to trade. The only way we'd be able to move him is if some team wants another point guard for insurance during a playoff push, but so unlikely I don't want to waste time talking about it.

After that you have a plethora of cheap contracts mixed with youth. My plot thickens here. If you want to desperately move T.J. or Jeff, I'd suggest throwing Brandon Rush in with it. While sounding like a silly move, Rush's quality at this point is hardly there, and the only thing that'd make him remotely appealing is that he's still young, and cheap. Could sweeten the pot.

The eventual idea is that we bench Danny for most of the season, tank it if you will, sit on our fat contracts, but try to move a player or two for some lesser picks. We let Troy, Mike, Jeff, and T.J., run out their contracts after next season. We re-sign Troy, Mike, and Jeff to more reasonable contracts, and we enjoy the services of a lotter pick or two. We're far enough under the cap to search for more talent and not have to settle for bargain players anymore.

Now, I know I am a bit of a ranter, but I have another point to my whole theory to getting our franchise back on track. FIRE JIM O'BRIEN.