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Also can we really compare the Celtics 3 game losing streak to our 5 game win streak? except as they are complete opposites? Celtics were without Rondo, Paul and Garnett. Omg, they lost 3 games, who could've guessed that would happen? We were actually missing our supposed key players too (Murph, Dunleavy, Foster) yet played the best basketball of the season. Go figure.
You are making my point. My overall point is that it is not wise to isolate 5 games or 3 games and act like those games are any more important than the other 77 or 79 games.

The defense was a little better during that 5 games stretch, but there were other games where the defense was also good. (it was not good only during the 5 game stretch) This season except for games here and there, usually on Sunday the defense has been OK - the offense has been more of a problem.