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Thread: I will stop invoking the 5 game win streak when . . .

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    Default I will stop invoking the 5 game win streak when . . .

    1. The team goes on another five game win streak with the vet heavy lineups, or any lineup for that matter. Heck, make it four.

    2. O'Brien returns to the lineup and strategy that won us five games in a row and we LOSE five games in a row. Make it four, or even three.

    The second option can't happen until Granger returns. But it would include heavy doses of Hibbert, Watson, DJones, Rush, Tyler, and Solo, with Granger playing the four.

    It's likely that we will never get to see Jim O 'Stubborn return to the five game win streak formula in order to retest it. Why? We are left to conclude that he:

    1. Thinks it is silly to not play vets and guys with great stats like Murphy. In other words, too stubborn to try it.
    2. Is being told by top brass to keep the value high by playing big contract players.
    3. Has some kind of relationship with the vets that makes it difficult for him to bench them.
    4. Is personally insulted by the talk of returning to the win streak, offended by comments by DJones, etc. In other words, it's not an ideological problem of preferring vets or insisting on certain players that compliment an up tempo system, it's a personal grudge thing.

    I can't think of another reason. I mean, there's probably fifty funny ones like JOB and Uncle Buck making a bet to see who can defend insanity the longest.

    So, until one of those two things happen, and they may never, I will continue to invoke the five-game win streak as evidence that this team CAN win games regularly but the coach refuses to allow them to try.
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