I think Wednesday afternoon is a good time to move forward from the previous week's game. I usually do this anyway whether the Colts have lost or won the previous weekend. I see no need to stop now.

With that in mind I thought that now would be a good time to ponder over some of the highlights for this season filled with highlights. There are so many records, individual and team, that the Colts have accomplished that it just feels wrong to overlook them. So I think for the rest of this week I'm only going to focus on the incredibleness of this season.

1. Winning the AFC South Division

This was obviously a goal the moment the season ended after the Wildcard game last year against the Chargers. It's one of the worse rules in the NFL that just because you win your division, you automatically get to host your first game. The fact that a 12-4 team had to go to play on the road because the Chargers, a team with a measley 8-8 record, were a division winner and they weren't was pure nonsense. The importance of winning the division was no doube drilled down into their subconscious.

Mission accomplished in 2009, as they won their 6th AFC South Division title. They ran away with the division, making a clean sweep of the competition for the first time in the franchise's AFC South history. They've won the title 6 out of the 8 years that the division has been in existence.

2. Securing Homefield Advantage Throughout the Playoffs

This is a big deal and something that isn't as easy to do as one would think. Once again, the boys in Blue earned the right to play every playoff game at home and they cliched this honor extremely early - with three games left on the regular season. Record-wise, they're the best team in the AFC.

Interesting factoid - The Colts have been terrific this decade during the regular season, right? Yet, they've only accomplished this feat once coming into this season.

3. Winning More Games in a Decade than Any Other Team in History

This one was a very interesting record to me. When I think of best team of any decade I immediately think of the 80s and the San Francisco 49ers. They won 114 games. The Colts, in the first decade of the new millenium have won 115 games. It's an amazing feat.

Having 115 wins in this era of Free Agency and with the talent pool being spread out with 4 additional teams is an incredible amount of wins. I don't care what anyone says otherwise. I know what the arguments would be but the facts show that, during the regular season, no team at any point in the NFL's 75 plus history has won more games in a decade than the 2000-2009 Colts.

4. Playing Great Despite Injuries

They have had as many as 12 starters injured and out of the lineup and yet the Colts are 14-1. Bob Sanders, Marlin Jackson, and Tyjuan Hagler are on the Injured Reserved list yet our defense is probably the best it has ever been this decade.

Anthony Gonzalez has essentially missed the entire season, Marvin Harrison parts ways with the Colts, and yet the offense and Peyton Manning are having their most efficient season ever. These are the signs of a very special team still on the verge of greatness and we should be proud that we're Colts fans.

There's plenty to celebrate other than week 15 and I think there will be plenty more weeks to celebrate once the playoffs begin. That's where my focus is the rest of the way and I'm sure that's what Peyton and Colts are focused on as well.