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Thread: Trying to Get a Sense of Impact of Injuries

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    Default Trying to Get a Sense of Impact of Injuries

    A lot of reflection going on this board, trying to figure out why the wheels have come off the team, if not the organization, which seems to be the general concensus. In another thread, the possibility that injuries are the major factor was scoffed at, and I think rightfully so. However, we've covered talent, coaching, the makeup of the roster and the use/misuse of the players. So how about injuries?

    I won't bring in Tyler, as his minute-count seems to be going up appropriately, and he's a rookie, so it would be hard to assess the impact his shin has had on his development.

    So let's make some assumptions on the following three:

    Danny: let's assume that his zombie-like play and seeming regression this season has been because he wasn't 'right' and resulted from playing while injured. Last year's Danny would have provided us a the offensive option that is not being filled sufficiently from Brandon, Dante et al.

    Mike: let's also assume that his recent play is due to fatigue and him still not at 100% due to the effects of the injury (let's make the assumtion that the injury doesn't permanently inhibit his game significantly). His shooting, movement, passing and 'glue-like' attributes would be a welcome addition... let's hope this is still in the cards sometime this year.

    Jeff: we all saw Feisty's impact on the team when he played earlier. As bad as our frontcourt is right now, he'd be a welcome addition when/if he returns.

    If these three are back in action at 100%, this could be a different team. Perhaps a number of things result:
    - Dante doesn't take on too much and can be a more significant role player (defensive specialist).
    - Brandon can do the same on defense and on offense, can play off the ball more which seems to suit him more.
    - An effective big can better compliment Roy and also (hopefully) take chunk of minutes away from Troy (particularly since we would have more options on the floor offensively).
    - We still have a PG problem, though one would hope the pressure on TJ/Earl to score is decreased.

    Does anybody think the scenario above is realistic at some point this year? There we a lot of assumptions going into these. Are these injuries as impactful as I'm suggesting?
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    Default Re: Trying to Get a Sense of Impact of Injuries

    Unfortunately, it is all speculation and depends too much on if you like JOB or not.

    If you like him, it is unfair to judge him when the top players (or at least most dependable) are out on injuries.

    If you don't like him, it is time to stop using injuries as excuses and use the players on the floor, a la Houston.

    The truth is somewhere in between, as truth is wont to be.

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    Default Re: Trying to Get a Sense of Impact of Injuries

    Yeah, but the mob has convinced me that it's time to let some younger players like Solo , Hans, and even McRob play. So, Foster should only see 10-12 minutes at best. I don't think he impacts us much going forward.

    Danny on the other hand was not the same player he was last year from the start of the season. He seemingly played hurt and didn't seem as nimble and spry as he did last year. His injury has killed us.

    Dun does look tired, but he is flat out missing wide-open shots, so make what you want out of that.

    Overall, injuries have had their effect, but I don't think we would be much better if they hadn't occured.

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