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Thread: What's with Mike Dunleavy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by McKeyFan View Post
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    Maybe he's on some kind of painkiller.
    Haha, this is kind of funny to me, because my mom said the exact same thing at the Hawks game.

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    I think his knee is killing him and he is shooting with his upper body. Dun has always never given excuses to why he is in a shooting slump. But this is not just about a shooting slump this is about his overall play. He seems lost and I think in all honestly this is the first time I have seen him have absolutely no confidence in any part of his game and this is the troubling thing to me. Here is what the staff should do. Sit him down until Granger gets back. The day Granger gets back it will take the pressure off of him and also give him at least 2 weeks off to condition at a less frantic pace.

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    It's Fatigue and the lack of ball movement. He has done a couple of terrible plays but for the most part during the games, he still tries to get everyone involved. Though most of that has results to turnovers or empty trips, still not forcing anything.

    He'll be back.. just needs some redbull.
    [SIGPIC]Dun Dun shooting form![/SIGPIC]

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    He needs a V8.
    "I keep wondering the same thing. Last week they had the 4th worst record in the league, had an 11.9 percent chance of winning the lottery and were in line to land a franchise type player like Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins. This week? They have a 1.7 percent chance of winning the lottery, have the 8th worst record and are in line to draft Cole Aldrich or Greg Monroe. Way to go Jim O'Brien. Rest Danny Granger the rest of the season (if it isn't too late) and give Josh McRoberts lots of minutes. That ought to do it." - Chad Ford on winning meaningless games

    Way to go Jim, you may have just put our franchise back another 4+ years.

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