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From IndyCornrows:
Loved Mike Wells' lead today in his game recap and story. Read it for yourself here at the IndyStar. Players are not listening to their coaches. It is so blatantly obvious that it's now the leading go-to excuse after each game. Here's coach Jim O'Brien after the game explaining his players' inability to understand the complexity of the Hawks "switching" on defense: "We prepared for that for two days and it never registered with our players. We spent Christmas Eve and (Saturday) morning talking about switching. We went over it in pregame, we talked about it in timeouts and then we go out and act like they weren't switching; so I don't have an answer for that." How many more times does JoB need to say that he doesn't understand this team before something happens to shake things up?


Whether you believe Jim O'Brien to be a good coach or not, is there anyone who still feels like JOB and his staff can right the ship? Right or wrong, it seems the players have quit on him (compare the quotes from O'Brien and Dunleavy in the linked IndyStar article) - and we certainly can't trade the team away (though I'm sure we've tried).
I thinks he's lost them...totally. Dunleavy needs about a week off to get his legs back. He's shot.