With three teams getting something that they would undoubtedly help each team, this trade almost makes too much sense.


Chi gets: TJ Ford and Zydrunas Illgausgas

CLE gets: Troy Murphy

IND gets: Kirk Hinrich and Brad Miller

Miller would be a good backup for Big Roy while also supplying the second unit with a high post center to help facilitate the offense. We get rid of TJ "i dribble the shot clock out" ford for Kirk Hinrich who's style of play was taylor made for a Pacer uniform.

CHI gets a post player that its been looking for. Also they get a back up for D.Rose that would be able to add some scoring punch off the bench(something they lost with Ben Gordon)

CLE gets the stretch 4 that they've been wanting. And the rest of the team would be able to cover up Murphy's defensive deficencies.

What does everyone else think