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    Default Dallas

    DAL gets:

    Troy Murphy 2 yr, $23.0M
    Travis Deiner 1 yr, $1.7M
    Luther Head 1 yr, $0.83M

    IND gets:

    Erick Dampier 1 yr, $12.12M
    Shawne Williams 1 yr, $2.4M
    Rodrigue Beaubois 4 yr, $5.7M

    This deal would accomplish a couple of things. We reduce next year's payroll by a significant $12M, by cutting Dampier with his fully non-guaranteed 2010-2011 year. We take on an extra $2M which will save Dallas about $4M total. We get Beaubois who is a highly touted PG prospect. We would immediately cut Williams and they would probably cut Deiner. We would also probably cut Dampier as well, so that he could catch on with a contender [cough, Dallas, cough]. This would leave us with 13 players, which would be fine. They would be strong on their second unit with Barea, Terry, Carroll/Thomas, Murphy, Humphries/Dampier that could absolutely light it up offensively.

    Dallas's rotation:

    PG - Kidd, Barea, Head
    SG - Howard, Terry, Ross
    SF - Marion, Carroll, Thomas
    PF - Nowitzki, Murphy
    C - Gooden, Dampier, Humphries
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