MIL gets:

Troy Murphy 2 yr, $23.0M
Travis Deiner 1 yr, $1.70M

IND gets:

Dan Gadzuric 2 yr, $14.0M
Kurt Thomas 1 yr, $3.80M
Joe Alexander 1 yr, $2.58M

They easily get the best player, possibly two best players in this deal. We get an athletic young player, who is only the second top ten pick to ever not have his third year option picked up. Curious. We would release Kurt Thomas to let him go find a playoff team to catch on with. Gadzuric would be a backup in our front court and solid for practice. We get rid of about $4.8M in salary for next year. They get a big that can spread the floor and work off of Bogut. He would be a good weak-side rebounder for them. He would really help them make a playoff push.