I might have stolen this idea from someone, but it seems like a moderately likely scenario.

This assumes that the Nets get the #1 pick and want John Wall.

Pacers get:

Devin Harris

Nets get:

Pacers 1st round pick (7-10, I'm guessing)
TJ Ford

Nets why: They get the best player in the draft and don't have to worry about him duplicating the best player on their roster. They get cap relief in 2011 which they'll like if they're able to land a 2010 free agent. They also can pick up a scoring wing or an athletic PF (both of which they sorely need).

Pacers why: With Granger and Harris, you can win in 2010 and still have enough expirings (Murphy, Dunleavy, Foster) to trade for another high level player or get significant cap space in the offseason. Harris is light years better than any PG in this draft outside of John Wall. Harris also has a very nice longterm deal for a borderline all-star PG.