The funny thing is he apologized too.

I wonder if he'll appeal, and be able to play tonight? He most CERTAINLY should be able to get that rescinded.

This is the most ludicrous suspension in the history of the NBA. No doubt.
I disagree.

Shaq was interviewed immediately at the conclusion of a televised game. Any moron in a basketball uniform would have a pretty good idea that there was a good chance his interview was being carried live.

You don't criticize the officiating in a live interview, you don't use the "F" word and you don't act noncaring and belligerent when someone tries to help you cover your butt by reminding you that the telecast is live.

I think he got exactly what he deserved.

I just wish he would have been suspended for some other game. I always look forward to playing against Shaq to help gauge the toughness of our interior game, with or without Jermaine.