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    Default Couple of quick thoughts

    Lest I be accused of overlooking anything good and only finding bad for certain players I want to make sure I say this up front.

    Troy Murphy has put together two solid back to back games on both sides of the floor.

    Nobody is more surprised than me to be saying that, but it is what it is. So I want to give two big thumbs up to Murphy for two very solid games.

    Also while I am in the process of eating some humble pie slices I might as well say this as well.

    Mike Dunleavy has been nothing short of fantastic since his return.

    Now to be fair I am just very disappointed in Brandon Rush because he was given this role on a silver platter, hell O'Brien would not even take it away from him weeks ago when he did not deserve it.

    But that takes away nothing from the game Mike has played. If nothing else just having someone who can hit a d@mn free throw is a miracle sometimes on our club.

    So while I still do not believe that either of them is the long term solution for our club I will give both of them positive reviews for the past couple of games.

    Hell Murphy has even been blocking shots.

    Roy Hibbert had a great game vs. the Nets and a less than stellar game vs. the Wizards. Not sure what it is about seeing a Pacer uniform that causes Haywood to rebound and block shots but I wish he would quit it.

    I am really looking forward to the few min. Roy will get to play tonight vs. the Magic. Howard will kill him like he does everyone but I love to see Roy get up shots that Superman has trouble getting to.

    Two more games under the belt for Tyler. I know he is somewhat controversial for some reason but from what I have seen I really like what he brings to the floor.

    He is relentless and have I mentioned in the past the guy is strong??? Good to see he is starting to get his free throws down, now if we can just work on shot selection...

    T.J. Ford drives me crazy.

    Brandon Rush makes me want to cry. Didn't this guy score points for us last year? What a waste of a sophomore season this has been so far.

    D. Jones fall was scary. Although the whole time all I could see was Seth sitting at home yelling at his TV. "see I told you Hansbrough can not jump" as Dahntay went up and over Tyler to get that board. The fact that he checked back in at the end of the game was surprising. I just hope he is not to stiff or sore to play, however he just doesn’t' strike me as a guy who would let stiffness keep him from playing.

    BTW, I want to make sure that he is given proper credit for his defense on CDR in the Nets game. His defense on him was stellar and virtually made him a non-factor during the game.

    Jeff has now had a couple of games to rest up, which is good because I am certain he will get heavy duty usage tonight.

    I hate to keep picking on him here but would anybody else be offended if Luther Head got some of Brandon's min.? I like the defense and rebounding but from our wing players I really think we need a little more offense.

    Earl Watson is the perfect back up point guard. Now if we could just get the perfect starter.

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