I thought it might be interesting to look at two players drafted the same year, playing with their respective teams in similar situations, and playing the same position.

Breakdown :

Tyler Hansbrough, drafted 13th overall by Indiana 6'9 250lbs, 24yrs old

14 gms, 15.4 min, 7.0pts, 38%fg, 0-13pt, 32-47ft 48%, 3.8rbs, .36st, .29bks, .86to's

Taj Gibson drafted 26th by Chicago. 6'9 225 lbs, 24 yrs old
19gms, 24min, 8.1pts, 49%fg, 32-47 ft, 68%, 5.8rbs, .63st, 1.1bks, 1.7to's


Taj Gibson, Chicago Bulls – Anybody who watches the Bulls knows that Gibson's kryptonite is fouls, but when he's able to stay in the game he usually does a pretty nice job. He's averaging 7.7 boards and 8.7 points per game in the last three contests—pretty respectable considering that he fouled out of one of those games and finished with five fouls in the other two. He's finished with five or six fouls in five of the last six games, and he knows he's doing it, but head coach Vinny Del Negro is telling to keep being aggressive. In time, he might get lucky and get some calls to go his way.
Way too early to tell how their future's will play out, but seems like a solid pick for the bulls, and I wonder if it was true about the rumor of us swapping picks withe the bulls we could have had Ty Lawson and Taj Gibson.

Speculation but comparing where players are drafted and the results that follow in the years to come is important for a franchise to be sucesssful.