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It seems like forever since we've had a pick in the single digits.
Yeah. I miss the days of George McCloud and Wayman Tisdale.

Remember those awful days being stuck with guys like Reggie Miller (who), Dale Davis (didn't he finally get PT in Portland), and Antonio Davis (the Euro player we tried to make work). And even when we traded for guys it was low pick nobodies like Mark Jackson (huge rookie bust that struggled for years).

What this team needs is Hasheem Thabeet, Mike Conley and Adam Morrison.

BTW, I think several of us (Anthem maybe?) called the COLE ALDRICH draft pick a long time ago. Put it on the books. Not my choice, but my prediction (slightly smart a**ed) that looks dangerously possible right now.

I should tone that down, I think Aldrich could prove to be a very interesting prospect as the year goes along and I'll be following him closely.