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Thread: Joakim Noah doesn't like LeBron's dance moves...

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    Default Re: Joakim Noah doesn't like LeBron's dance moves...

    Quote Originally Posted by Pacersfan46 View Post
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    The first paragraph is exactly what I'm talking about in this matter. How do you know Noah is reacting to James first? That's a complete assumption that the entire thread of people has decided absolutely must be true.

    That's where I see utter and blatant double standards. Most of the players on these 2 teams have been in the league multiple seasons. Who's to say a grudge hasn't formed over that time? It happens. More over, this is just a snip of 2 minutes, of a game that lasted 2 and a half hours. Who in the hell knows what the Bulls might have done prior? Yet everyone assumes Lebron is at fault completely.
    That YouTube clip isn't the only place that says or implies the story played out as we're describing. They even talked about this on PTI, and neither Tony nor Wilbon said anything else beyond what we're discussing here. It seems pretty reasonable to assume that had there been an earlier incident worth noting, they would have during their discussion of it on the show, but they didn't. They made it sound pretty clear that this was all about the Cavs being up big, LeBron starts doing a jig while the game is still going, and Noah gets on him about it.

    It's reasonable to assume there's nothing else to it given how it's being reported and discussed in the media.

    Is your theory possible? Sure it is. But considering no one that I'm aware of in the press has said a peep to suggest there was something else first, while not eliminating your theory, it's more reasonable to take it at face value than insisting otherwise to the point where one does what you've been doing in this thread.

    As far as the 2nd part of what I quoted here, if you watched the video, Lebron was dancing before the game even started. The entire team was. They were acting that way coming out from the locker room. So if you're excusing Bird by saying "well he did it before the game, and then backed it up" .... then I believe that applies here as well. Did you see what the entire team was doing on their way out to the court?

    The Colts used to dance on the field before kicking off too. I haven't seen calling for them being unsportsmanlike either.
    If they'd left it there, I wouldn't care. I'm not bothered in the least by any team dancing pre-game. Inconsequential in and of itself.

    Also, last time I checked, if I'm not mistaken wasn't it old Joakim Noah that danced his way through the Final Four just a couple of years ago? Hmph.
    Weren't those post-game and in celebration of winning the title? If you can't dance then, when can you?

    Anyway, I'm going to attach this video to show exactly how not serious this Cavs team takes themselves.
    Maybe he doesn't intend to look bad, but intentionally or unintentionally some of his actions do make him look bad. If he doesn't take himself seriously, fine, but that doesn't mean he can't still screw up sometimes.

    I don't buy it that he's always not taking himself seriously because he seemed serious to me when he punked the Magic at the end of the ECF.

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    Default Re: Joakim Noah doesn't like LeBron's dance moves...

    Quote Originally Posted by Naptown_Seth View Post
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    Yes, because those are the only two options. Good point.

    Either I start wearing my "Damn I'm the best" T-shirt to Pacers games or I start wearing "I'm a moronic d***head" one. I guess I'll just go by which color I want to wear that night.*

    *Do not question why I have those 2 shirts in the first place.
    Putting the whole argument about who gets away with what (I disagree with Pacersfan about if LBJ played for us we would react differently) my big problem with this is Lebron just lacks sportsmanship.

    Now sure you could say Reggie and others were just as bad, but like Hicks I started following the Pacers in the mid to late 90's. So I did see some of Reggie's crazier things, but I also felt like they were all good natured and they typically did not happen in blow outs. Of course there were some things that were just plain uncalled for, Hicks hit on the gum throwing and towl throwing at refs, etc......

    My biggest problem, though, is just the way he carries himself and then he gets mad when people call him out for it. He walked off the court after that series last year refusing the shake hands (something we are taught from grade 1, though I do understand Lebron may not have much experience in losing games). The commissioner even came out and save he was not going to fine Lebron, yet a mere day or two later Lebron is fined. Even after all of that Lebron says NOTHING. The commissioner puts out some fluff piece saying Lebron has learned his lesson and is growing as a man.

    Lastly, maybe I just do not get it because I am not a millionaire athlete, but why even own a shirt that says "I am the greatest" or "check my $tats". If that is the case, then prove it on the floor. I will not fault the man for wearing those shirts (I have tattoos also, though none of them says "Gods gift" , so I will never knock someone for ink as that would make me a hypocrite) but he cant act surprised when people call him out for it.

    To me it all boils down to one thing:
    sportsmanship - the character, practice, or skill of a sportsman.

    2. sportsmanlike conduct, as fairness, courtesy, being a cheerful loser, etc.

    It is a problem that the NBA has right now, and it is not just with Mr. James.

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    Default Re: Joakim Noah doesn't like LeBron's dance moves...

    Dancing before a game, ok
    Dancing after a final Four victory, ok

    Dancing with your starters on the floor up by 20 in a regular season game, Disrespectful.

    there are un written rules in work, life and sports... don't throw a touchdown when up 20 with minimal clock left like two weeks ago in a college game that made espn news.

    these are grown men, no one likes that in any place, even over 40's B Grade, if some one is shooting 3's with 20 secs lef up by 15, Just not the spirit of the game..
    Ya Think Ya Used Enough Dynamite there Butch...

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    Default Re: Joakim Noah doesn't like LeBron's dance moves...

    I hate Lebron mainly because he is a lot better at basketball than I am.

    That is all

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