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Thread: Let's get clear minded about the win streak

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    Default Let's get clear minded about the win streak

    There has been a lot of talk about the "five game win streak" that the Pacers enjoyed a few weeks ago.

    Too much of the discussion has been speculation. Not enough hard facts, too little stats to prove one's position on the issue.

    Okay, you people have the right to your opinion. You like the line up of defensively oriented players, you like Roy Hibbert and Dahntay Jones, and you think if they got solid minutes in a line up with Rush and Granger at the four spot, they would do well. Fine.

    But the stats show that this group would not be effective. It's clear that group would never go on a five game win streak.

    Remember, Murphy and Foster are VETERANS and they bring all sorts of intangibles. Murphy is an incredible shooter ("Not just good, but a great shooter" says JOB). Combine that with his rebounds and he is our second best player for sure. That being the case, it is impossible for our team to go on a five game winning streak without Troy Murphy.

    So, no, we haven't gotten the privilege of going on a five game streak, because Troy hasn't worked out his back issues yet. But if we ever have a streak like that, you can bet Murph will be part of it. He's simply one of our best players. And our highest paid. Get real. We could never go on a five game win streak without our highest paid player.

    Foster is phenomenal on defense. Any five game streak would imply a strong defensive effort on our part, and that means Jeff Foster would be involved. Now, that supposed five game win streak some of you have been fantasizing about, the dates you give for that streak are when Jeff Foster was injured. So that's a joke. No win streak without Foster.

    Anyway, my point is that Murph is probably our second best offensive player, and Foster maybe our best defensive player. (No, they can't play the same position at the same time, but stop changing the subject.) And so some of these amateur historians out there referring to a five game win streak need to get real.

    We do NOT win five games in a row without our best defensive player and our second best offensive player. It can't be done.

    Here's another thing. That line up you mentioned. Besides Granger, no one can score. Dahntay Jones, don't you know? He's a one dimensional defensive specialist. He can't score lots of points in a game, much less five games in a row. What I'm telling you is that he is a journeyman NBA player. He may have led Duke in scoring one year, but that's not the pros and Duke is kind of a marginal team and coach compared to the likes of, say, Kentucky and Rick Pitino.

    Anyway, there was never a five game win streak. If there had been one, Dahntay Jones would have been the second leading scorer, and he can't score. The stats show that. And the Nuggets didn't want to resign him. It's obvious.

    Also, regarding this five game win streak so many of you keep referring to (as if it actually happened!), that means Roy Hibbert was starting and getting a lot of minutes. Don't you know? Hibbert can't guard smaller centers. Actually, most centers are smaller than he is, and in fact he can't guard any of them. Nothing personal against Roy, it's just the stats. It's simply the facts. Roy can't guard the pick and roll, and, well, pretty much every game the other team runs the pick and roll all game, and so Roy can't really play in those games.

    So, a five game winning streak would imply that Roy was on the court some of the time. Of course, the other team would have been running pick and rolls, and well, we would have gotten completely wasted. So, there never was a five game win streak, because Roy can't defend pretty much all other front court players in the league. It's obvious to those who are knowledgeable in facts and statistics.

    Anyway, sure, we'd all like to see the Pacers go on a nice win streak. Who wouldn't? But it is time for all you dreamers to get back to cold, hard reality. Remember the hard facts. Stick with the stats, like good ol' coach O'brien.

    There never was a five game win streak. It's statistically impossible.
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