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Thread: JOB to ignore Dunleavy's medical time restriction if necessary

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    Default Re: JOB to ignore Dunleavy's medical time restriction if necessary

    Quote Originally Posted by BillS View Post
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    If it was that easy, everyone would do it.

    Seriously, as we've seen in all but the most recent game, you can't just save your best guys for the end of the game if you aren't in the game at that point.
    The way that I look at it is that you make your decisions based on the guidelines that the Medical Staff has laid out to you....hence my preference to "stick to the 20 minutes" that the Doctors have prescribed for Dunleavy and Hansbrough ( until they deem it fit for them to expand the # of minutes that they can handle ) while expanding the # of minutes that Luther and Solo play.

    If there were a clear dropoff in benefit between playing ( A ) Dunleavy and Murphy whatever minutes that they should play while giving 10-15 minutes a game to Luther and Solo and ( B ) simply giving far more minutes to Dunleavy and Murphy that they can really handle......then I can agree with the notion that we should go with Option "B" over Option "A".

    I'd much rather use whatever depth we have and risk losing a game then ( possibly ) over-exerting Dunleavy or Hansbrough and risk losing either of them to some injury. I can see "gambling" with Dunleavy/Hansbrough minutes if it were later in the season and we have a clearer picture of where we stand in the Playoff Picture ( hence it's worth the risk )...but since the season is young and we still have a large # of games to play ( and frankly, I'm not too confident in our Team now )....I don't see the need to risk over-exerting Dunleavy/Hansbrough if we have the option to give more minutes to Players like Luther and Solo.
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    Default Re: JOB to ignore Dunleavy's medical time restriction if necessary

    With Danny being injured, and recognizing that he has been playing the 4 with alarming frequency this year, a gap that needs filled with a young guy is the 4. Hansbrough still has a minute restriction, and O'B will be using Murphy / Foster / Hibbert for C primarily, with Murph a SF (or however his hybrid role would be defined) at other points.

    I feel that Josh McRoberts, due to his athleticism and hustle, is the natural choice to be utilized in filling about 10 to 15 minutes per game at this point. If we prepare McRoberts now, we also won't be quite as short handed on the interior when the nearly inevitable event of a significant injury to Foster due to his back issues and the banging that he still does. No, McRoberts cannot replace Jeff, but he sure is better than no one at all based on our roster as it stands currently.

    McRoberts is being wasted here, despite being led to believe that he would have a role on this team, even putting on 20 lbs. of muscle in the off season to prepare for being a beefier presence on the interior. Then, in the preseason, O'B has him planted out at the arc shooting 3's to become Murphy lite.

    If McRoberts is not utilized by our team now, he needs to beg for a trade to nearly any other team in the league unless it is plain that O'Brien is being fired in short order, which I still tend to doubt.

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