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Thread: Pacers related notes from ESPN chats

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    Default Pacers related notes from ESPN chats

    I didn't see anything posted about the comments, which are fairly general and uninteresting, but thought I would post them anyways.

    Hollinger's chat

    Larry (Indianapolis)

    Can I call Brandon Rush a bust yet?
    John Hollinger (3:08 PM)

    I'll go ahead and do it for you. What's funny is that I thought he'd really be a force defensively but struggle offensively. Instead he's in and out defensively .. and struggles offensively.

    Travis F. (DC)

    John, my Pacers have too much depth and not enough talent. What can they turn their expiring contracts into that can help them this year and long term??
    John Hollinger (2:20 PM)

    the goal in Indy is to create cap space in 2011 and then make a run at a free agent, hopefully with a strong enough young nucleus to persuade a star to join them. That's the problematic part -- Hibbert has been good when he doesn't pick up three fouls in the first 45 seconds, but Rush and Hansbrough haven't provided much help.
    Thorpe's chat

    Benny (Indianapolis)

    Do the Pacers have the worst backcourt in the NBA?
    David Thorpe (12:06 PM)

    They are in the running.

    Venkat (India)

    Can we officially label Brandon Rush a bust?
    David Thorpe (12:13 PM)

    As a late lottery pick, probably not. Many of them do not pan out.

    Eric (Indy)

    The players aren't saying anything, but Jim O'Brien is clearly losing control of this Pacer team! Is he gone along with Larry Legend after this season?
    David Thorpe (12:33 PM)

    I don't agree at all.

    Damien (Indianapolis)

    Is Hansbrough good enough to be the starting power forward for the Pacers down the road?
    David Thorpe (12:37 PM)

    Probably better suited coming off the bench. If he can learn to be a legit 3 point threat, then possibly.

    Venkat (India)

    The Pacers need a wolf. There are too many sheep on this team.
    David Thorpe (12:48 PM)

    I think Bird would prefer a 2 who can shoot and score in bunches.

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