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Thread: Best Rotation

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    Default Best Rotation

    My Opinion

    PG - Earl Watson
    AJ Price
    TJ Ford
    Travis Diener

    SG - Dahntay Jones
    Brandon Rush
    TJ Ford
    Luther Head

    SF - Danny Granger
    Mike Dunleavy
    Luther Head

    PF - Tyler Hansbrough
    Solomon Jones
    Troy Murphy
    Josh McRoberts

    C - Roy Hibbert
    Jeff Foster
    Troy Murphy - used sparingly for mismatches and 3's

    This lineup will never happen, but it seems like a good lineup to develop young players while still putting perhaps the best team on the court. TJ Ford and Troy Murphy's minutes are dramatically decreased. Troy used mostly when we need 3's badly and Ford used when we are losing badly and need some kind of desperate, unorthodox scoring that he brings. And bring him in when the game is on the line. We focus our team a lot more on defense and toughness. Troy Murphy just doesn't ever make the players around him better. His rebounding is an illusion as well. He gets mostly uncontested defensive rebounds. That's why when he is out we still get the same number of boards. His only useful skill is shooting the 3.

    What would you guys go with?

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    Default Re: Best Rotation

    How many of these threads do we need. I value your input, can we merge some of these together so that this and others do not end on page 2?

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