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I hope you don't mind an outsider's observations...

The main thing I noticed was a lack of passion by JOB. He seems somehow disconnected, as though he's a stranger in a strange land surrounded by strangers. (I hope that makes sense...)

One thing I always used to like about the Pacers was the camaraderie among the players. I didn't see that tonight. Players didn't talk to each other; heck a couple of times they didn't even act like they knew each other. Was this just something I'm reading too much into?

I don't like the idea of making 780 seconds such a critical number that you lose contributions from a major player like Dunleavy, who has ALWAYS given the Kings fits. It's my totally unmedical opinion that 13 minutes is a guideline, not an indication on a map or something that "beyond here there be dragons."

Don't get me wrong. I'm proud of my team for gritting it out and winning but I feel sorry for you guys because I think your coach is failing all of you ... and himself.

Just my two cents, of course. Good luck against Utah. And watch out for Jerry Sloan. He cheats.
Appreciate your take. The chemistry part is really a good question. I don't know if you're reading into it or not. To me they don't look that "together". The play against your guys was more determined so that's a step in the right direction, but I don't sense much unity either.

Is it still timely to bring up the infusion of new players and the reintegration of injured players? Is that at all valid? I know I feel like it's becoming a broken record with the Pacers. Every NBA team faces those same challenges regularly. It's the reality of the league/pr sports. The good team find a way to adapt/overcome.

JOB definitely looks frustrated to me. Could this be the same as your lost characterization?