I think there was a big NBA video game thread not to long ago but I think it got wiped out when PD was down last.

Anyway I don't have a video game console. My PS2 quit working some 7-8 years ago and I just decided not to get another and as time went on i'm glad based on the money I have saved.

However I do miss my basketball and football games so I downloaded NBA 2K10 from IGN. Granted I haven't played since NBA 2K3 maybe so i'm sure not all of these are new problems and i'm sure some has to do with being a PC game but here is what I hate:

- Gameplay is so slow. I hate all the extras they did like show timeout huddles, the refs giving the ball to a player to inbound, It takes forever to play a 4 minute game with all that extra crap they put in it just to make it more real life.
- Can hardly make trades. When i'm in the Associate Mode or GM mode and I go to make a trade I can only trade with the team listed after mine it won't let me choose a different team to trade with. I've hit every button on the keyboard and click with the mouse everywhere and nothing. Makes it hard to make your team better.

Mostly I just hate the slow gameplay. Part is due to being on the computer i'm sure but not all.