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There is a lot of talk in this thread, and others, about all the things that Murphy, Ford, Foster, et al are doing wrong but what I don't see is anyone complaining about the team's supposed best player, Granger, launching 27 shots while blistering the nets at a 40% rate.

I've seen it mentioned in several other threads - not necessarily specific to this game though. I suspect we give him a bit of a pass for this game because his hot 2nd half 3 pt shooting is what got us back into the game.

Anyway, I think we are all aware that Danny is shooting a horrible FG% so far this season. It's bad. I've lamented about it in other threads myself. Personally, I don't throw Danny completely under the bus because I suspect that heel injury has a lot to do with his poor shooting (and lack of drives to the basket) and his so-so defense.

I'd like to see him sit awhile, frankly. I don't think it's going to heal just by having him sit out practices.