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Thread: Im not convinced just because the 5 games win streak

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    Default Im not convinced just because the 5 games win streak

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    this was our 5 game win streak? only boston is a quality team in my opinion. so in reality we didnt win but one game over a quality basketball team...... the 5 game win streak was nice, yeah, but i knew the 4 wins were against bad teams... who on any given night could beat any team in this league im sure..... But to think we turned the corner just because we won 5 straight games 4 of which we're against very bad teams dont rise my happiness at all... until this teams gets a desire to win and compete each and every night this team will struggle to win 37 games this year.

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    Default Re: Im not convinced just because the 5 games win streak

    5 win is 5 wins. Doesn't matter who they beat. Good teams beat bad teams. You beat enough bad teams and you are a good team.

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    Default Re: Im not convinced just because the 5 games win streak

    Ya, you can't discount 5 games in a row. It takes something to stay focused, not have an off night, not meet a team who's hot, not meet a team who has more to play for. It's not the best thing ever, but it's not nothing.

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    Default Re: Im not convinced just because the 5 games win streak

    Partially true, but think of a set of thermometers that only say COLD/HOT. Hey, they all said "HOT", so it must be 90 degrees out, right? What if the break point for C/H on most of them is 30-40 degrees though?

    Then we don't really know. Boston is the thermo with a 90 degree breakpoint, sure. So that is a good indicator by itself. But it could be an anomaly. The other 4 measures were nearly worthless because the breakpoint is so low.

    Beating the Knicks/Nets tells you nothing. Doesn't mean the team is good anymore than losing to a top team means the team is bad. In fact the logic is the same. If you lose to all the good teams then you are a bad team. If you beat all the bad teams you are a good team.

    The logic both ways is severely flawed for this application. We know what the real point is - how much stock do you put into beating really bad teams? Do you put less stock into those wins if you also lose a few games to really bad teams?

    Right now the Pacers record vs terrible teams is not good enough to counter their record vs good teams, certainly not enough to not be concerned.

    The overall quality and EASE of the schedule up till now suggests that their record should be a bit better. You caught Boston with 4 days rest at home after another home game, and you caught Cleveland with 2 days off following a very weak opponent at home too.

    Even the Charlotte game featured a day off and was against a terrible team that had just made a serious trade.

    This isn't exactly the furnace you forge steel in.

    But then with this team who knows. Probably when they have 4 road games in a row vs playoff teams they'll go 3-1. I don't know.

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