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Thread: Would you trade Danny+TJ for LeBron?

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    Default Would you trade Danny+TJ for LeBron?

    Okay, this is something I have been thinking a lot about recently. Let me clear this up right away: this is from a FAN'S perspective, not a GM's. That means while you really care about winning, you also care about who is playing on your team. For example, you like Travis Deiner because you're a Pacers fan, not an NBA GM.

    So here goes, would you trade Danny and TJ for LeBron? Or fill in the blank for the player you would do instead of TJ that would work.

    The obvious answer is yes, because TJ is a let down and LeBron is like Danny on roids. But I don't know if I would. On one side, I am so attached to Danny as a player, I love his game, I love his effort, passion, his attitude and he is one of the coolest guys I could ever ask for on a team. Nothing could ever make up for the years I've gotten to know Danny and seen him grow. But LeBron would make us exponentially better immediately, as he did with the Cavs when he was drafted and every year since.

    One way I answer this question is by thinking what I would do immediately upon hearing the news of the trade. My heart would be broken and I would be devastated to lose Danny. It would be the feeling where you reach for your wallet and it's not there... but then you find it later and it has $500 more dollars in it than before.

    I tell my friends I wouldn't want this trade because I'm way too big of a fan of Granger. But they don't believe me, and why should they? While Granger is great, he has so many obvious flaws and with LeBron, we would be a 6 seed at the worst.

    Also, let's try not to let this turn into a Kobe v. LeBron argument.
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