DJ Augustin and Tyson Chandler

Troy Murphy and Travis Diener and Earl Watson.

They get nearly 5M in cap relief, a warm body that can actually play, and get some boards which they desperately need. They also get 15 ppg from Murphy as well. They really need the offense. Earl Watson is a very good sixth man that would be complement to Larry Brown's style. They desperately lack consistent PG play, thus the need for Earl Watson. They have shown the lack of trust to DJ by resigning Felton. Felton is also a player that MJ loves, so DJ doesn't have a great opportunity there. He could come here and get a chance, and probably take Ford's spot next year. Then we have to deal with Chandler. A more injured version of Jeff Foster on speed. JOB may be tempted to play him instead of Hibbert, that I won't like. If Chandler can come in and play PF and C for 50 games a year, thats okay. He'll be a 11m expiring contract, and has almost the same trade value as Murphy.