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    Default OKC-HOU

    To HOU:

    Etan Thomas 1 yr, 7.91M
    Troy Murphy 2 yr, 33.02M

    To OKC:

    TJ Ford 2 yr, 17.00M
    Brian Cook 1 yr, 3.5M
    $3M Cash from Houston
    2011 Second Round pick from Houston

    To IND:

    Tracy McGrady 1 yr, 22.48M

    This is purely a cost cutting move by the Pacers. It can't hurt the team right? Bring in a superstar caliber player and give him a test drive. If he doesn't pan out, buy him out and let him go play somewhere else for a playoff contender that wants him.

    OKC gets a bunch of cash to get Houston under the LT and a second rounder for their troubles. They get a legit backup PG for a purely expiring contract in Etan Thomas. Taking TJ doesn't affect their ability to resign their young core at all.

    Houston gets some short-term front court help and an expiring. Troy would actually complement Yao pretty well, although that would be a slow front court. Help spread the floor around Yao and still have solid rebounding around him. He would be fairly expensive on that second year, but when you look at their actual savings this year and the LT savings on top of that, he becomes reasonable at only about 6M net for taking on the extra year, which is about what Troy is worth.

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    Default Re: OKC-HOU

    i like the idea, and it feels like maybe there is a "chance" of this happening compared to a lot of other trades that are proposed in the trade forum.

    this would be like the AI effect in philly

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    Default Re: OKC-HOU

    I like this idea too. We need a guy that will finish. Not necessarily a superstar... but someone who can finish around the basket. This would help open space for Granger... Dunleavy... and others... plus Hibbert would have a guy that can actually distribute to him instead of just jamming up the lanes.

    Plus... you're right...if it doesn't work... we get room next summer... if it does... we can probably take his pay down by half and still have a little room.

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    Default Re: OKC-HOU

    I'd be ok with this.

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